Parliamentary committees hold their meetings to reach agreement on budget

House of Representatives

Continues the House of Representatives today to discuss the draft federal budget by holding the relevant committees of its meetings to reach agreement on the draft budget, in what was described a legal expert to adjourn the Council until further notice procedure is legal.

The member of the Kurdistan Alliance MP Qassem Mohammed, in a statement to PUKmedia , today Tuesday, 12/2/2103, that the meetings of the Council lifted until further notice, pointing out that the parliamentary committees on the federal budget discussions are being held meetings today, pointing out that the ongoing differences between the blocs on the budget bill.

the other hand, criticized the legal expert Tareq Harb In a statement to PUKmedia , lifting sessions and make them open until adoption of the budget, pointing out that the term open meeting is unconstitutional and has no basis in the rules of procedure of the Council, pointing out that a new hearing needs to be an order of the Presidium of the Council. Harb added that it is not permissible to raise Parliament sessions until further notice, indicating that the parent to hold the House of Representatives sessions and exercise its oversight role, pointing out that the survival of the House of Representatives in this form fresh, as he put it, was unconstitutional, because the Constitution and the rules of procedure of the Council select periods of leave, pointing out that the Council is now in period of work and not in the holiday period, pointing out that the Council leave begins on April 14, 2013, stressing that the council resorted to this case because the budget law is important.

mentions that the Presidency of the Council of Representatives decided to lift yesterday’s trading session Monday, 11/2/2013, until further notice, while maintaining the open sessions until the adoption of the draft federal budget.