Kurdish leader: Maliki deceived Americans and absolute loyalty to Iran

Kurdish leader: Maliki deceived Americans and absolute loyalty to Iran

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BAGHDAD / Basil Mohammed

Senior Kurdish leader said in remarks that Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki moved from equilibrium in its relations with Iran and the United States,

And that characterized his policies and positions throughout the period prior to the case of bias and support the political position of Iran in the region.

He added that Maliki may be deceived Americans position balanced in its relations with the Iranian government, “because the man he needed to create this impression to persuade Washington to withdraw completely from Iraq by the end of 2011 and in some cases was Maliki convey messages to the American administration suggest that a man the United States, so it is likely All this happened in coordination with Iran to be able to power and undermine the power of his political opponents, is that U.S. Vice President Joe Biden was one of the few U.S. officials who abuse with great caution Maliki For this reason, the latter does not rest him. ”

The leader Kurdish that of the most important indicators of this shift towards bias in favor of the position and influence of Iran, Maliki began the process of sacking and replacement of security leaders and military and defense and interior ministries, which believed that the American military command supported to assume important positions in the army and police, when Iraq was under the authority of the occupation.

According to Kurdish leader, Maliki has benefited greatly from his good relations with the U.S. administration in the previous period to achieve two goals Strutegeyn: first the elimination of Sunni figures that have the weight and daring literary, began file Vice President Tareq al-Hashemi accused of terrorism and then moved to target Finance Minister Rafie Issawi, a leading Sunni figure is very important on the ground and had intended to target Speaker Osama Najafi, one of the most powerful Sunni figures, but the protest movement in the Sunni cities form a pre-emptive strike against al-Maliki, did not expect.

The objective strategic second, represents by moving against the Kurds in the Kurdistan region and specifically against Massoud Barzani “to strengthen his authority dictatorship in Iraq and impose its political will on all factions and forces on the one hand and to undermine what you think leaderships in Iran and Syria that Kurdistan is an area of influence Turkish west Israeli, what constitutes a threat Iran’s national security and Syria on the other hand. ”

He stressed the Kurdish leader on the bias-Maliki to Iran had been planned before the crisis vessels in Syria, therefore man arrived to a conviction when the revolution broke out and escalated to the fall of Bashar al-Assad will lead to the strengthening of Sunnis, Kurds and weaken and led this conviction him to show more support political situation Iran in the region which touched and Washington, because many of the reports of American circles inside Iraq confirmed that the Prime Minister has become doomed to Tehran and Damascus.

He warned that the survival of Prime Minister in power would worsen the current political crisis with the Sunnis and Kurds, and thus the leadership of the National Alliance, who heads the government in Baghdad that his responsibility in preventing a civil war if it remains this man at the head of the executive power in Iraq.