Americans are creating “excuses” for the renewal of their influence in Iraq

National Alliance: Americans are creating “excuses” for the renewal of their influence in Iraq

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Follow-up – and babysit – Political experts are American Institute of Washington, believe that (the fall of the Assad regime) in Syria, the United States will pay to restore its influence on the Iraqi government, but they may fear that this would lead to rush towards Iran .. How do you see the political blocs to such a proactive analysis?.
The MP said the Liberal bloc “Hussein Aziz Shakir” proactive analysis done by some experts Americans is just an excuse end Affairs to intervene in every Arab and regional countries.

He continued in his speech that the planned U.S. aiming to divide Syria is a way of the many ways followed by the United States to intervene in the affairs of Iraq, adding that in these statements proactive clear evidence on the willingness of Americans to intervene in the affairs of Iraq and Syria, Vssayaso colonial powers only know colonial interests, and so they try to find their designs many of the labels in order to reach their goals.

Meanwhile, MP for the coalition of state law “honest gum” that Americans are not experts on the amount of know-how, of course the government and the Iraqi state after incorporation correct and democratic.

And said in Tsrihaalami in case of the collapse of the Syrian government, the consequences of this fall will be a major influence in the political climate in Iraq.

Laban said American commanders do not have the clout Previous to the current Iraqi government is enjoying the privacy and independence of opinions about what it was in the past, taking into account the international and regional relations and respect all the covenants and conventions that formed with neighboring countries.

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