The Finance Committee discussed the final draft budget bill lltkoriralmad 2013

Baghdad (newsletter) …Financial Committee, discussed at a meeting chaired by MP Haider Al-Abbadi, Chairman of the Committee and in the presence of members of the Commission and its advisers, final draft lltkoriralmad on budget bill in 2013.

According to a statement issued by the meeting, received (News Agency news) on Wednesday that the Committee at the end of the meeting agreed on the following:-

-Priority installation contract employees in all State services to permanent staffing in their constituencies contractors since 2003 and as a contract for premium, promotion and retirement.

-The financial allocations for projects “petrodollar and border and visa fees for pilgrimages in balancing the relevant provinces, including Kurdistan governorates.

-Develop social insurance act allocations for salaries of retirees when approved in the current year, as well as scholarship students of universities and institutes.

Grant the Federal Government the power to use the increase in crude oil export revenues that the House could approve a supplementary budget to programs of interest and (secure customizations draft breakwater, increase budget allocations for the Holy places, securing the financial allocations for althlasima patients, allocate funds for payment of financial benefits of compensation for the martyrs, prisoners, victims, etc.)

at the end of the meeting the Committee reached completion of discussion of all paragraphs of the report and include the agreed paragraphs in the draft law to raise the final version of the draft law on the federal budget Of the Republic of Iraq for the fiscal year to the body, under the chairmanship of the House for the agenda of the Council for a vote at the earliest meetings.