State law: we want to be al-Maliki as prime minister for a fifth session as well?!!

State law: we want to be al-Maliki as prime minister for a fifth session as well?!!


Palm – the MP said state law المنظوي in the National Alliance Hanan al in a televised statement that the 170 deputies vote disappointed and we are confident that the Federal Court will stand with Maliki politicized because the parliament’s decision against him.

She surprised vote deputies Shiite blocs with the Sunnis and Kurds to determine the time limit for the Prime Minister two sessions only confirmed we will not accept it even if voice the whole of Iraq because we want to be Mr. al-Maliki as prime minister for a third session and a fourth and even a fifth.

This hand leadership of the coalition of state law, Sami al-Askari, Saturday, that the law defining the mandates Prime Minister will not see the light because it shows clear materials of the Constitution, adding that the law is not above the Constitution and it can not restrict year بالخاص.

The military that the coalition is worried about the parliamentary vote on this law, in what was considered the decision of the Iraqi List boycott meetings of the Council of Representatives step on the road to bow to al-Qaeda and groups Baathist which runs demonstrations current stressing that the coalition of state law is not worried of the parliamentary vote on the law defining the mandates President Minister, stressing that the next step of his coalition are resorting to the Constitution and not to appeal the decision of the majority of the House of Representatives, even if contrary to our will.

The Parliamentary Legal Committee announced on Saturday (26 January 2013), that the House of Representatives voted by majority during its eighth meeting on the proposed law defining the mandates of the three presidencies, in the absence of the Vice coalition of state law.

Meanwhile, a deputy coalition of state law, Abdul Salam al-Maliki, said the groups that voted on the law determining the three states by the trend towards a presidential system, and the abolition of the parliamentary system, noting that Alajtahedat that Ttaalb determine the mandate of Prime Minister will not exceed being ink on securities.

Maliki said during a statement that there is no anything constitution called select state prime minister, who wanted this option, he regime change to a presidential system, dissolve parliament and be voted for the position of President of the Republic His broad powers directly from people indicating that the mandate of the Prime Minister does not exist But in the minds of those who voted on the law, because the prime minister is an employee in the state and elected by the House of Representatives, and an observer is his booth in front of the Council in both large and small.

He stressed that the interpretations be asked to select the mandate of the Prime Minister, will not exceed the ink on paper and will not be applied without blowing up the constitution voted by the Iraqi people.

Maliki said that the Iraqi constitution is clear and explicit and it is not a constitution selectively, but was written by legal experts and their rib widely in the way drafting constitutions, and the mandate of the President and the House of Representatives, without the mandate of the Prime Minister did not come from a vacuum, but the basis of the case in all parliamentary systems, including the United Kingdom, which preceded us long contracts in the field of application of the democratic experiment.

The House voted a majority, the law of the mandate of the three presidencies after the withdrawal of Congress’s State of Law coalition of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki in the session.