Shammari criticizes UN Security Council resolutions that have made Iraq at the mercy of Kuwait

Shammari criticizes UN Security Council resolutions that have made Iraq at the mercy of Kuwait

Tuesday January 29, 2013

Agencies – criticized the MP for the Iraqi bloc free Kazem Al-Shammari, Security Council resolutions on Iraq invasion of Kuwaiti territory and described Iraq Balzalma “, noting that the Security Council put Iraq at the mercy of Kuwait.
Al-Shammari said in a press statement that “all resolutions issued by the Security Council against Iraq was once home to the international community a state of tension due to hit the laws of the UN Security Council by the former Iraqi president” the wall, “noting that all decisions were within Chapter VII which authorizes the international community to use force against Iraq, and after the end of military operations between Iraq and Kuwait border demarcation and cut off large parts of Iraq and attached to the Kuwaiti side. ”

Shammari surprised “of Security Council resolutions that Iraq will be at the mercy of Kuwait because it linked the withdrawal of Iraq from Chapter VII as soon as the report from Kuwait, he said, adding that this paradox that the discount is deducted and the rule at one time.”

He Shammari “Any lack of recognition at this time of the limits of the port of Kuwait and the non-recognition powers Kuwait directed patrols roving on the Iraqi border leads to that Kuwait will submit a report to the United Nations says that Iraq is committed to the decisions of the Security Council and thus will remain Iraq under a table Chapter VII “.

He explained that “this has made Iraq shackled not to dispose of his money and still resolution deducting 2% of the amounts Iraqi oil revenues go to Kuwait, despite Iraq agreed to provide $ 400 million to Kuwait to get out of Chapter VII, but so far has not been lifted and the waiver More lawsuits against Iraq by Kuwait. ”

The MP for free, after having achieved the Iraqi-Kuwaiti mandated to investigate the outstanding issues between the two countries ambitions Kuwaiti and gave them rights and privileges never dreamed, we are asking the Iraqi government to request from Kuwait to provide promised before the United Nations to remove Iraq from Chapter VII in the absence of a so the diplomatic Iraq has lost a big loss and it did not make any step in the file Chapter VII and the Iraqi-Kuwaiti relations file (according to him).

He criticized the deputy Iraqi diplomatic saying “it has not yet been able to make the change that happened to Iraq in 2003 and so far a positive change in the interest of Iraq with respect to its relations International, calling for the Foreign Relations Committee, the parliamentary taking its supervisory role in the follow-up control Iraqi file Kuwait.” p / h