UN study of the reality of investment in Iraq and support employment in the agricultural sector

UNESCO prepared a study to discuss the reality of investment in the agricultural sector in the country and the possibility of achieving progress in cooperation with the FAO and the Ministry of Agriculture.

The project coordinator confirmed support agricultural employment and growth in Iraq and the Organization of UNESCO Nidal Kazem prepare Organization study to examine the reality of investment in the agricultural sector in collaboration with the Food and Agriculture Organization FAO and the Ministry of Agriculture.

Adding that it was part of a workshop on the project to support employment and agricultural growth, which was held recently, in order to identify the characteristics of the agricultural sector and the manufacturing sector of the agricultural aspects that relate to the structuring of agricultural employment of permanent and seasonal and casual, and the preparation of expats (both coming from outside Iraq) or coming from other provinces.

Said Kazem told the newspaper (range): ‘There is another side to discuss the matter in terms of addressing the geographical reality of the area in question, and the age group of persons employed, gender and intended social class of farmers in general and the rate of wages, skill and level of education, rewards and cash benefits granted to employees and insurance provided to them ‘.

It continued: ‘The study can be a light to identify problems faced by workers in the agricultural sector, both at the level of individuals or enterprises through identification to their needs and the needs of workers in this sector and to skills training needed for agricultural labor, skilled, and viewing as well as the conditions of the investment climate for the agricultural sector in Iraq, also includes establishments that operate in the agro-industrial sectors (public, private) household and agricultural industries as well as possible recommendations for policies to support and improve the performance of the agricultural sector.

As Hisham Al Saudi National Coordinator of the Organization of the (FAO ) that agriculture as a sector productive acquires a high percentage of employment among other productive sectors, although the agricultural sector accounts for 10% of GDP which is here to serve as sector leading to other sectors, including the wealth of opportunities action required to achieve food security.

He added that the project includes a number of important topics to support chip workers in the agricultural sector, including the preparation of studies and specialized research sources sober and multiple at the same time, as well as developing policies for agricultural investment, while suffering the agricultural sector in Iraq a number of problems that led retreat setting employment where to an unprecedented for various reasons in the forefront of the absence of government support him and failure to use contraception agriculture and irrigation modern and not achieve material resources enable it to withstand and work in agriculture, which is Witnessing a decline in the levels of public and diminishing numbers of employees to calculate other professions in the city used by its farmers in large numbers.

For his part, Praised senior agent of the Ministry of Agriculture Dr. Subhi Mansur al-Jumaili on charge of this project, pointing out that this questionnaire is not the first of its kind in Iraq, although the ministry has implemented a number of projects and questionnaires, including a project on livestock, which is a national project carried out by the ministry in cooperation with the Central of Statistics, where the results were close to reality, and called for a comprehensive plan to implement and clarify the project, accompanied by a media campaign and guidance to clarify the project and implanting it in the minds of people to provide a data base for the workforce in the agricultural sector.

The agricultural expert said Nazim zebra should not be limited to loans for productive purposes of direct agricultural projects but need the coverage other agricultural Kaltsnaa facilities, land reclamation and sustainability of soil productivity and irrigation as well as rationing encourage teamwork among peasants and farmers.

He stressed on providing full support for agricultural cooperatives organizations of all kinds of (providing production, marketing, and consumer) protection and provide opportunities for their economic and social interests in the presence of a free economy policy where adherence to these voluntary organizations.