Source: the arrival of the amount of inventories Syrian uranium to Iran through Iraq

A senior source for “arenas of Liberation”: the arrival of the amount of inventories Syrian uranium to Iran through Iraq

Published 26/01/2013 09:54 AM

Beirut – “arenas of liberation”
science site “arenas of liberation”, the amount of inventories Syrian uranium have been moved to Iran through Iraq and arrived at the Iranian authorities actually.
senior source said the amount is part of the tens of tonnes owned Syria and was intended for use in the Syrian nuclear reactor bombed by Israel in the region of Deir al-Zour west of the country in 2007.
With no clear sources the way it was through the transfer amount over Iraq, but he explained that the transport operations of the Organization of the quantities of raw uranium in Syria to Iran continued for about weeks, and transfer came after serious concerns Dhahran possible fall of the Assad regime, and the development of the forces do not want Iran seized on the Syrian stockpiling of uranium.

Wade source what I went to him information Western that Syria may possess about 50 tonnes of uranium is enriched, stressing that that such inventory is of interest to Iran for use in its nuclear program, especially that indicators loss Syrian regime to battle to stay are almost certain.
surprised Source be stocks Syria of materials and chemical weapons is what sparked concern U.S. and Israel, with no stop at the reservoir Nizam al-Assad of uranium, explaining that “the enrichment of the kind of crude and is enriched does not mean it is not important, and was on the circuit interested fate Assad to stop When possible transfer of uranium to Iran, particularly the latter are Temtemlk high technologies in enrichment, and therefore can convert raw in Syria to an active and enriched in Iran and easily, especially as the transfer of Iran to Damascus a lot of weapons and equipment have been through Iraq, also through the content to transfer what you see Damascus important ally Tehran. ”
and the United States announced that it “will focus in the form of more on how secure the weapons stockpile chemical with the Syrian regime in the event of the fall of President Bashar al-Assad,” while reports surfaced stating “store Damascus tens of tons of uranium is enriched.”
expert nuclear proliferation as “Carnegie Institute” Research in Washington, Mark Hibbs says, “was to be a stockpile of fuel for the reactor in there somewhere. illogical and a nuclear facility or nuclear reactor without any fuel.”
and, as regards the transformation of Iraq into a passage for the transfer of weapons and equipment from Iran to Syria, has confirmed reports American documented the dozens of flights in this regard, prompting Iraqi authorities giving in to U.S. pressure and having searched two aircraft, but officials in Washington scoffed at it when they said that Baghdad was $ Tehran date inspection aircraft to ensure that there is no prohibited substance.