Iraqi Council of Representatives to discuss 2013 Budget Tomorrow

A member of the parliamentary Finance Committee Hassan al-Bayati, for the continuation of his committee to discuss the federal budget for the current year and study the proposals submitted by the members of parliament and ministers. Bayati said in a statement to Radio tow “The Finance Committee will read the final report of the budget on Saturday after the deadline for a vote.”

MP predicted a coalition of state law Hadi al-Yasiri in this January 12 that the federal budget is passed for 2013 at the end of this month or the beginning of next month.

The member of the Knesset Finance Committee Secretary Hadi in this January 7 to the need to speed up the adoption of the Federal Budget Law for the year two thousand and thirteen and spare this law being of political differences between the parliamentary blocs.

The Council of Ministers approved in its forty-sixth session in the twenty-fourth of last October on the financial budget for the year two thousand and thirteen worth a hundred and thirty-eight trillion dinars, while the deficit is worth eighteen comma eight trillion dinars.