Finance Committee: There is great difficulty in approving the budget this year

Finance Committee: There is great difficulty in approving the budget this year

Thursday, January 24 2 / January 2013 08:55

{Baghdad: Euphrates News} According to a member of the Finance Committee applicable parliamentary Faleh and having great difficulty in approving the budget this year.

He said in effect told {Euphrates News} that “the situation is complex and there is no consensus between the province and the center on the approval of the budget for the current year,” explaining that “the Kurds are demanding to reduce the budget of the Ministry of Defense and the Iraqi List supports this requirement, while demanding that the rest of the blocks to keep away from the budget of the Ministry of Defense. ”

He added that “this unrest taking place on approving the budget confirms that there is an intention for approval at this time,” adding “there is great pressure by some parliamentary blocs on the Finance Committee to pass their claims, which will negatively affect the budget approval on schedule.”

It is noteworthy that budgets Federal public takes a long time each year until it is approved by the House of Representatives, which is causing disabling most of the projects, underlining specialists that gives an excuse first companies implementing projects in the disruption or lag, which reflected negatively on the services.

And called for the religious authority by Matmayora Mr. Ahmed Safi in a sermon last Friday that bears the House of Representatives responsibilities is directly responsible for the job he was elected for, namely the legislation of laws and monitor performance, noting that “some legislation laws still hang on despite the utmost importance of the country. ”

The Cabinet had approved late last month a draft budget of 2013 $ 138 trillion dinars {118.6 billion dollars} based on the price of oil at $ 90 a barrel and exports expected at 2.9 million barrels per day, and a deficit estimated 18.8 trillion dinars {16.17 billion dollars}.

The deficit will be covered from untapped funds from the budget of 2012 or account of the Development Fund for Iraq at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York branch, domestic bonds, or of the expected surplus resulting from the rise in crude prices.

The budget includes 55 trillion dinars {47.29 billion dollars} for investment projects. Finished 2