UN: surprised by the delay of the Iraqi Council of Representatives of important laws that affect the lives of citizens

Khuzaie Praised according to a statement his office the role of the United Nations through its focus on humanitarian files, “explaining the role of reconciliation that reinforce the principles of respect for each other and strengthen national identity, and renounce violence.

He added that the case with now at the political level caused by a lack of democratic maturity, and at the grassroots level are dealt with in accordance with the Constitution and the law. “

“The government has responded to many and still respond to the legitimate demands of him that its own and through the Ministerial Committee formed, which was given wide powers. “

He Khuzaie that “there are demands concerning other authorities, but some may forget that we should resort to the Constitution decides the separation of powers,” hoping: “Do not allow the infiltrators from the Baath and Al-Qaeda who want to sow Discord between the spectra of the people and the implementation of the agendas of international their own. “

He stressed that “reconciliation project need time, and also need to help the United Nations, and that Iraq with its history able to advance again and strongly. “

For his part, called Posten Parliament to take its role in accelerating the legislation of laws that concern to citizens, surprising delay important laws that affect the lives of citizens.

He said: “There are a number of laws that await her birth in the House of Representatives but has not prescribed by far, and that the United Nations stands ready to extend a helping hand by virtue of rich experiences.”

Posten stressed the legitimacy of the demands brought by demonstrators by the Constitution and the law and commitment Bslmah expression of opinion, stressing the role of reconciliation in this regard.

Meanwhile Amer Khuzaie discussed with the Chairman of the reconciliation committee in Parliament MP Qais Cdhir, activate it Diwani 40 sponsored by the sons of Iraq’s Awakening {}.

He also received Sheikh clans gentlemen seen a number of Notables and elders spend seen, in his office in Baghdad.