Iraq: Martin Kobler’s remarks angers anti-Maliki protestors

NCRI- A Legal advisor participating in anti-Maliki protests in al-Anbar province of Iraq is calling for ouster of the UN special representative in Iraq for his remarks on demands of the Iraqi protesters, al-Baghdad TV reported on Friday.

Mr. Ibrahim al-Assuj, said in an interview with al-Baghdad TV: “I was surprised by Martin Kobler’s remarks.. It was proper him that instead of categorizing the demands of masses of protesters as legal and illegal ones, he would asked the Iraqi Government, Parliament and the High Judicial Council to respect the rights of protestors. These are rights not demands.”

“I ask all political factions particularly the al-Iraqiya coalition to call for ouster of Martin Kobler because he has been very much taking sides in the past… Now he is supporting the government against the people’s demand. Such behavior is very alarming because the United Nations or representative of the UN Secretary General would be following governments against the people,” Mr. Assuji added.