U.S. report: Shiites are losing their power in Iraq because of their political leaders?!!

U.S. report: Shiites are losing their power in Iraq because of their political leaders?!!


Palm – A report published by the U.S. “New York Viles” The Shiites in Iraq and after ten years of power in government, turning quickly to the loss of what they got thanks to democratic mechanisms.

The report was written (Dave Foster): All the evidence put an eye on one point, that the leaders of Shiite politicians putting their political future on a boat pierced, crisis which affected the country undermine their power, and their opponents internal and regional became front wide spectrum of options successful provided by them Shiite leaders continuously.

The report spoke of competitive activity between Qatar and Saudi Arabia to guide events in Iraq, after officials realized the two governments that the ability to control the future of Iraq are becoming available and typical to undermine the Shiite rule.

Author pointed out that move both Qatar and Saudi Arabia, ostensibly as conflicting, where Qatar is working on fueling the situation on the way the Arab Spring, either Saudi Arabia, they still tend to formats personality within the secret, but in the end, the efforts governments Tltkien at one end and is undermining Shiite power in Iraq, and the revival of the idea of the rule of the year, ousted by the United States in April 2003.

The report also pointed to resentment growing in a number of capitals decision-west of the Iraqi situation, where the United States has placed at the disposal of Iraqi leaders, state can turn into the highest form of democracy, construction and prosperity in the region, but they turned out to be one of the most failure in the world In another aspect of the report, said that what is happening now in Iraq makes us expect a more violent spring than what happened in Libya and what is happening in Syria now.