U.S. expert accuses Obama to deal with al-Qaeda and terrorists

U.S. expert accuses Obama to deal with al-Qaeda and terrorists

Wednesday January 23, 2013

Follow-up – and babysit –
Considered an expert in U.S. affairs Lawrence Freeman to get legal immunity for U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan after the planned withdrawal in 2014 requires a deal between Obama and the Taliban and Karzai strongly criticized the U.S. administration’s handling of al-Qaeda and Salafist terrorists in more than one country.

Freeman said: that the United States strongly want to withdraw from Afghanistan after the failure of American policy in this country during the Bush administration and the continuing failure of the Obama era, and that withdrawal requires a deal between Karzai and the Taliban and the U.S. administration but America will not be able to pull in an easy way.

He added: that the United States would try to force Karzai to accept such immunity but failed U.S. administration at various levels put Washington in the position of a weak bargaining, we see the same thing in Libya and Syria and in North Africa, the Obama administration is not upholding the rule of any state and we have done in Libya For example increased terrorist activities in all of North Africa by the Salafists, backed by Saudi Arabia and now, Washington is doing the same in Syria and dealing with al Qaeda to destroy Syria. He said: We have been fighting the Taliban for more than a decade and now we are trying to reach a deal with them and power partnership with them,

Freeman added: that Obama is responsible for the crimes that fall is the re-deployment of troops in Afghanistan and allowed the drones to kill innocent people in Pakistan, Yemen and Africa and that our soldiers have been fighting illegal and therefore we see violations of them. He added: that U.S. forces did not record any achievement in Afghanistan over the past decade and now we have evidence that Obama is working groups, which he calls al-Qaeda in Syria also for the ouster of Syrian and that the U.S. administration has dealt with armed groups in Libya launches later to kill U.S. ambassador in Tripoli, Obama to Aihol help the Afghan people and does not help the people of Mali and the Syrian people, that Obama performs the task of British to destabilize the region and sow chaos and involved in this Saudi Arabia and the Wahhabis, Qatar, therefore, Obama has no sincere intentions in Afghanistan and I think that the failure of the United States will continue.