Member of the Finance Committee: likely to approve the budget next week

BAGHDAD / obelisk: likely a member of the Knesset Finance Committee Abdul-Hussein al-Yasiri, Monday, that is the ratification of the federal budget for the current year in the next week, stressing that the budget between the Knesset Finance Committee and the House of Representatives.

Yasiri said for “obelisk”, “The House of Representatives held the first reading and the second was discussed fully and ratified by the Council of Ministers, and is now in discussions final between Parliamentary Finance Committee and the House of Representatives,” likely to be “approved in the next week or may be delayed for a period of , and it is up to the House of Representatives . “

He added that “the budget some mistakes Trouht about some questions and received the answer to the government”, but he also said “Now For the Presidency of the Council of Representatives budget and vote . “

And was a member of the legal committee parliamentary Jinan Prism said for “obelisk”, in the 20 of January the current Iraqi government sent the federal budget public for 2013 since the month of October 2012, but the bickering political in the House and political differences are the cause of the delay in approval.

The House of Representatives is still discuss the federal budget for 2013, amid claims by some members of the council include the amount of 25 percent of the budget to the citizens, while others demanding parliamentarians include salaries for retirees budget of not less than 400 thousand dinars per month.