We will not negotiate with anyone and our demand the dismissal of al-Maliki will not back down

Ali Hatem al-Suleiman: We will not negotiate with anyone and our demand the dismissal of al-Maliki will not back down with him

01/20/2013 (23:00 pm)

MOSUL – Anbar / good supporter and Zarzis Thomas

Square demonstrators Liberals announced in Mosul for civil disobedience begins from tomorrow Monday warning to the government for ignoring the demands of the demonstrators, at the time of protesters in Ramadi stressed that their main demand is the dismissal of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, rejecting any form of negotiation with the government.
The trend has emerged between demonstrators Anbar yesterday supported negotiating with the government to consider their demands, and considered pro-negotiate the solution is not in the survival of demonstrators in the “Square of pride and dignity,” forever, expecting that the best solution is to come of the government delegation negotiating the Square protest and achieve the demands of protesters and notably the abolition of Article 4 terrorism and the Justice and Accountability Law to end the crisis between them and the government.
But those who reject negotiations, led by Al-Suleiman Ali Hatem al-Suleiman, said that the government delegation negotiating “will not do anything,” stressing that “their demand is the only sack Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki” no room to negotiate around it, warning of a general strike in the province and civil disobedience in the case did not Maliki responded.
In the same vein Some demonstrators Square splendor and dignity in Anbar yesterday distributed a leaflet calling for the establishment of Al Anbar province, considering the country is divided in advance because of sectarianism among politicians, and came in their statement that “the word unified Iraq has become the largest of the word unified Iraq and this is evidence that Iraq is Group departments and territories united to demand that the Anbar provinces recluse with a united Iraq, not one. ”
But a spokesman for the Coordinating Committee of the demonstrators happy Lafi denied the adoption of the Committee to the demands of the division, stressing that the protesters do not think the administration of the territory in the province.
Lafi said in an interview with correspondent The term “statement which was distributed inside the arena does not represent the demonstrators, because our demands are clear and we have no any call for the establishment of the province and the idea totally unacceptable us and the roof of our demands and clear.”
This was announced Liberal Square demonstrators in the northern city of Mosul, civil disobedience only one day, and falls on Monday, and as a final warning message to the central government, to ignore the demands of the demonstrators in Mosul.
This came in a statement issued by the demonstrators Square Liberal, and received the “long” copy of it, said that “Nineveh and for more than twenty-five days stands pause tall with other Iraqi provinces, and in common with legitimate demands were and still the central government ignored and ignore Rafieha “.
The statement adds, “Instead of studying the government demands the core, deliberately ignored the demands of the protestors which itself is recognized the legitimacy of many of them, and thus the incursion deliberately in its policies of marginalization and exclusion, and here we are today, he has entered our week fourth protestors and demonstrators announce that our patience has run out after this silence of the government Anthjtah Maliki government about the boiling popular. ”
The statement continued, “The brothers in the yard Liberals decided to invite you all to be next Monday day on 01.21.2013 the date for a general strike at the level of markets and shops just beside the city of Mosul left and right and the date for Althakkm all Bajuankm in the yard free of we release through a unified voice steady, a warning message to the Government Center, either to respond, either to bear the options open to the possibility of a Almatsamh angry public that routes and continue until its demands without delay or deceive. ”
The spokesman said the protesters Ghanim Abid in a statement singled out the “long” that “civil disobedience will include shops and just one day, a message that we address to Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki that the reaction of the masses will be serious about ignoring their demands.”
Friday saw the past, which is called “Fri not bluffing,” tension between demonstrators yard free, and members of the federal police force charged with overseeing the arena, especially the latter refused to enter the tents and chairs into the arena, before being allowed to enter one tent only and 250 chairs , usually the next day to confiscate all.
Then increased tensions after the announcement of the arrest of a Senate Albu Badran, Mr. Hussein Abbosh Badrani, and began members of the clan Albu Badran gather in the village of Jurun southern city of Mosul, and threatened clan brinkmanship, invited other tribes to join them in a common position, and after a brief period of , released Abbosh.
The spokesman denied Liberal Square protesters, be protesters may Juloa and a delegation of elders Sinjar and other areas to meet Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki on Sunday in Baghdad.
He stressed that the demonstrators, not Ajuloa any delegation to talk about them, both in Nineveh in Baghdad, and that negotiations are within the Liberal Square itself exclusively.
Furthermore, arrived in the city of Mosul, a delegation of the people of Diyala, annexation tribal elders and dignitaries, and joined the demonstrators in the square Liberal, and accepted by the citizens of Anbar province have done the same thing.
With the entry of the protests that day twenty-fifth, confirmed clans several support and support for the demonstrators and protesters, especially, that other Iraqi provinces experiencing similar demonstrations, has sent forth the central government delegations to receive their requests, with the exception of Nineveh, which dealt with the government until the time “total disregard”, which exacerbated of resentment there as among the protesters.