Letters between Barzani and officials for “the division of Iraq,” Turkish possession Maliki?!!

Disclosure of an exchange of letters between Barzani and officials for “the division of Iraq,” Turkish possession Maliki?!!


Palm – said a senior political source said accused Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki Turkey of trying to divide Iraq through “miserable deals” with the Kurdistan region, has not been issued in a vacuum, but based on solid information and documented in an exchange of letters between the provincial leaders and Turkish officials.

The source revealed that the possession of al-Maliki, messages between senior Kurdish official and another Turkish that does not shut down strategy to encroach upon the federal government, pointing out that it reached the hands of a member of the House of Representatives of a coalition of state law through an item in the Kurdish intelligence (brave) subjected to injustice flagrant Before a boys Barzani.

He said that the messages show receive Kurdish official orders not to stop strategy overrun, confirming that it is the strategy proposed by the Turks on the Kurdish regional president Massoud Barzani to be followed in its dealings with the central government, pointing out that the strategy you progress great strides on the ground toward the Arab areas, which can be described in Kurdish, explaining that In return for this escalation tone verbal attack against the central government, which will not be able to do anything under the fragmentation experienced by Arab political blocs, he says.

He explained that the letter confirms assign Turkey to position the Kurdish gains on the ground and determine how symbols of the government, represented by the Prime Minister, the source said that the letter ordered Kurdish leader progress toward the center and south, and is not afraid of the Centre in the implementation of the plan, because “Turkey is fully aware that the region will face only timid and hesitant, and will not dare any official party in the center or to take something off the Kurdish expansion, “he said.

The source noted the high level that messages also revealed Turkey’s bid to push the Kurdistan region to confront the Iraqi army Federal in Kirkuk province and convince the United Nations and the European Union that holds the Turkish troops from the assets Turkoman task of conflict resolution and the presence in Kirkuk as a international-backed UN.

The source said that with the outbreak of war, even if they are small in Kirkuk between the province and the center, the Chapter VII allows the United Nations to intervene in Iraq, adding that this is why Turkey and other countries to prepare to play the role of observer on Iraqi territory on the basis of considerations historic, especially to Turkey see Kirkuk as part of its territory. source described suggestions Turkey to “grand scheme,” noting that the Kurdistan Region President Massoud Barzani pawn move Turkey for this goal, pointing out that the drop is not difficult, attributing this to Turkey seeks to awaken spring Kurdish region Kurdistan.

Al-Maliki said in an interview with Alsumaria TV that “Turkish politics and put Kurdistan now at stake, but put Iraq through Kurdistan tipping point,” adding that “Turkey’s intervention in this regard opens the door to enter other countries, will not be silent, so companies which will invest evasion and Kurdish citizen will bear the responsibility. ”