Detection Turkish planned to ignite sectarian strife in Iraq?

Detection Turkish planned to ignite sectarian strife in Iraq?


Palm – A senior security source confirmed that there is an intelligence team has been planned for Turkey to carry out assassination operations against officials of one sect in order to ignite sectarian strife war in Iraq.

The source said, that this team attributed views and some Iraqi political forces exist strongly in the sit-in protesters yards, noting in this regard to the Attorney Aifan in Ramadi and Abed Rabbo in Mosul.

And accompany the security source said sources with an interview in the Green Zone confirmed that the embassies of several Arab and foreign received a letter from the Turkish embassy in Baghdad warned of wander outside the Green Zone to the lack of security outside, as well as warning of increased terrorist operations.

The sources said that the Turkish Embassy is witnessing three days ago mobility abnormal cadres with Turkish companies operating in Iraq and officials of those companies as well as meetings continued among them, noting that the security team at the Turkish Embassy passed a message to some other embassies says the need to restrict the movement of its expatriate staff outside Green Zone to the expectations that many terrorist operations will take place in Baghdad and around the east and north of Baghdad.

The sources confirmed that the Turkish Embassy is working according to the information received from sources in Iraq and security officials in Turkey and, depending on the views of Iraqi partners in Turkey, including Vice President required the Iraqi judiciary.