1-19-2013: Iraqi Dinar Guru guesses!!!

1-19-2013 Newshound/Intel Guru Flashing they will be transferred from ch 7 . pending issues of missing properties and persons, will be handled by unami under ch 6. unami mandate expires in june 2013. imo, we are just waiting for protocols. very good news still flowing from iraq. they are preparing to return to its previous international standing and that means rv. this weekend is promising based on rumors.

1-19-2013 Intel/Newshound Guru Poppy3 I don’t think anybody really knows where Maliki is. Just about every leader in Iraq has turned the tables on him. From his past history he is trying to wiggle his way free, but too many people are calling for him to leave or resign, calling for Parliament to take care of him whether he is there or not. They want him gone.

1-18-2013 Intel Guru Blaino Iraq is many things…But in charge of “the rv” is not one of them, sadly. Rather, there are other entities and treaties that will regulate the time and nature of the revaluation, but in the interim, ‘iraq’ is the convenient excuse to allow other matters to be settled, and they are indeed working in that direction. I am bound by certain fealty and others to say little more at this time, but the hour approaches when all mystery will vanish like morning dew in the desert!

1-18-2013 Newshound/Intel Guru Bluedog watch what starts coming out after Fridays meeting and don’t get me wrong a lot…much has been arranged last Tues eve…but Friday will unleash a great deal more things that we have been waiting for…they will start to show Saturday and Sunday what they have accomplished and its BIG!

1-18-2013 Newshound/Intel Guru Bluedog Yes we are CLOSE because this meeting would never taken place…when Talabani was trying or talking of a National Conference…he knew the Timing was just not right yet, thats why he spent 3 months in Germany to prolong the situation…The timing is right now so Talabani had a very bad Health issue and Jaafari took over to put this forth…as we seen today that some agreements are now coming out and being finalized.

1-18-2013 Newshound/Intel Guru Bluedog This national Meeting that took place at Jaafaris Home Tuesday nite lasted 3 hours…a lot and I mean a lot has been agreed on…this is a Major move for a young Democracy that is about to take a currency from nothing to a High rate…HCL and just all the Agreements that have lingered for 2 years or more have been laid out in this meeting. Friday they will have another Meeting…but what they did is laid the frame work to when and each agreement is to come out to the world.

1-18-2013 Intel Guru Bluwolf people have been asking me about some rates that some are seeing in some forex sites. First of all they are what we call place holders and not real rates, the real rates are just behind those holders and when given the get go poof they shall appear…Second the real rates shall be seen in all banks and forex sites not in a hands full like you are seeing today …Third all valuable sources are just silent plain and simple.

1-18-2013 Intel Guru Blaino No change at the CBI…The final arbiter of the value of the currency and the exchange rate. Could it be REAL…WELL… Lets look that over. There are many newspapers that are not showing the values today, when they usually do. There are even more that have some issue with their internet sites even opening…One has to ask “why?” some speculate that there is a rule that “it has to be printed somewhere…And this is the one place that was CHOSEN…This TIME”…Hummmm…..???? Nothing on fox news or fox bussines…Nothing in the MARKETS….So, could it be true anyway? There is only the one answer to that question…”mebby!”

1-18-2013 Newshound Guru Tlar Yesterday I said Maliki has left the country. I stand by what I said. The NA having an emergency meeting and reporting Maliki was at this meeting doesn’t surprise me assuming they are trying to hold onto power. Their boss is toast and they realize it but until he has been reported to flee they are still in charge and can negotiate who will be the next PM. If he is reported gone, the NA does not have enough loyal members to control the outcome. It is to their benefit to make people think Maliki is still in charge for the next few days and the way to remove him is to negotiate and install a new PM from the NA…unless I read that Maliki has actually been seen in the last few days by someone other than the NA, I stand by what I said.

1-18-2013 Newshound Guru Doc Many other reports talk about UST, IMF and other dignitaries meeting with Iraq. Many sites have linked this to a definite RV by month’s end. While we do not totally dismiss this as a remote possibility, we also suggest these dignitaries represent those that have invested heavily in Iraq. Given the fact that the PM may be on his way out and the CBI head has changed we would think if we were those investors we would want to personally see whats going on. We would also want to make sure the new players are on board to get Iraq back in the international community as a financial power. Does this mean RV in next few days? Probably not but it does mean the international community is ensuring things are moving toward that end. We view this as extremely positive. We report, you decide.

1-18-2013 Newshound Guru Doc We need to be careful in separating comments between raising the value of the dinar and the RV. In almost all cases the quotes about raising the value in coming days are in reference to short term efforts to get the dinar back to the program rate of 1170. The street value has been recently reported at over 1400. These efforts are in response to the citizens uproar over their declining purchasing power. We really don’t see this changing in that the USD is still the true currency in Iraq. We do not believe this will change until the dinar is close to par with the USD.

1-18-2013 Intel Guru BWM according to contact in Iraq…the in country rate for the dinar had been trading within a 100 points of the 1166 rate…as late it had been running about 1218… according to daily number it looks like the printing was setup for a 1/1000 scale which means that was .0009 or 1111 to 1 which is moving the right direction and hopes are that things may be moving but are not to the point that we would like to see just yet.