TBI announces record progress in its financial activities

TBI announces record progress in its financial activities

| on 19/1/2013 | Author Muhannad David

Electronic Integrity – Baghdad

TBI announced ” TBI “registered progress in its activities during the financial year 2012 .

The bank manager said Hamdiya dry in a statement that “The Bank’s activities for the year 2012 constituted a quantum leap in the level of the banking process through the operational capacity of the bank staff that his efforts we were able to achieve a yield increase profits for the year 2011 by 34% by $ 488 million . ”

She added that “the increase profitability conquered a range of configurations to process bank letters of credit, letters of guarantee and credit and credit cards, which are seen other progress in the level of activity in 2012 . ”

It showed dry that “expenses in 2012 decreased by almost 40% about 2011 despite an increase in staff bank to fill job vacancies, but those added in the human cadre had no effect on operating expenses,” noting that “all what was achieved comes from dedication and efforts by bank staff and their quest to show TBI manner that aims to him banking business . ”

The director said the commercial bank that “action steps that have been developed in 2012 verified open branches in Baghdad and the provinces and work is continuing in this way for the next year, whether at home or abroad in order to expand the geographical work of the bank “.

They noted that “increase the bank’s capital to trillion Iraqi dinars was also contributed to the success and progress in the expansion of the private banking network of the Trade Bank of Iraq . ”