Expert: Iraq needs to rehabilitate and expand infrastructure investment through the gate

The inability of the project to meet the needs of a growing population of

stressed economic experts and specialists on the importance of finding new outlets for real advancement in the investment process that was sought by the country, where the investment has become of great importance at all levels.

Governmental and non-governmental organizations, as well as the great hope awaited the local private sector, which is directed first to the economic after economic transition approved by the constitution local and reliable a lot of specialists in economic affairs is good, because it will provide an opportunity economic advancement of the new.

Competent in economic affairs and General Manager The Ministry of Planning and Development Cooperation, formerly d. High Abdul Rasul told (morning): The investment is the best solution to the problems of the Iraqi economy and infrastructure in the country, and here we need to favorable investment climate because the reality experienced by the field implementation of the business is not appropriate for investment, which requires a pause and hard work towards the creation of an ideal environment to him and helps to attract international investors and contribute to the activation of local investment in the country as well.

said we know that problematic investment related aspects government can exceed through a series of legislative reforms of the laws that are inconsistent with investment laws that were issued after 2003, pointing out that the country need for the rehabilitation of the infrastructure of the institutions that were operating list before that date, at a time when we need to infrastructure equation of what was before 2003 because the number of residents has risen at rates not uncommon and institutions earlier was to serve a population of population of between (14 – 15) million. This leads us to the trend towards investment and the adoption of this principle, the fact that the population reached the (30) million.

returned Abdul Rasul to say that faulty legislation is included in the Investment Law No. 13 of 2006 came to make most of the international companies adopt a spectator, despite the desire large entry to Iraq and contribute to the many investment projects and important in all sectors and all the provinces.

The sources in the Council of Ministers confirmed earlier that the state worked a lot in order to amend the investment law and hopes to find a way quickly to the amendment the House of Representatives .. Today, we need investment environment activist end the hesitation felt by most local and foreign investors. This requires us to develop the work of banks, insurance and commerce to be among the factors stimulating the private sector, which is still hesitant.

economic expert Saad al-Tai noted in his speech for the (morning) that the development of the construction sector a step on the high degree of importance and needs to domestic and international efforts to contain it, and one exits From this Almhlkh need to allow foreign investor may own land for housing projects and start projects implemented on the ground and this goes beyond the other sectors in the solutions to a number of economic problems, as well as he addresses and dramatically the problem of unemployment that affect negatively in a large segment of young people, especially since the all of Iraq’s provinces need to apartment complexes and many infrastructure projects, at a time when the state’s ability to re limited institutional building. Even in the best of the price of oil because it has been associated with the destruction of a huge Amtdh for more than three decades.

He Tai saying: country needs serious work of special committees formed to study legal reality provided by the Investment Law and stand at the bug that is diagnosed and there is rapid action in the process of addressing the imbalance, pointing to the importance that includes membership of these committees people who have the power in economic decision-making , also must include the committees of representatives from the private sector and investment companies to trade determinants work more transparent and diagnose bugs more accurately. and pointed out that the volume of work in Iraq large and can not be completed by specific companies, but there is a need for great efforts because the country needs to build large in economic productivity and service sectors without exception. So draw MP Ibrahim Rikabi in a press statement that the reason for the reluctance of the investment process due to the security situation and political instability in the country, because investment companies are looking for a safe environment in which to operate.

Added that the national investment bears no responsibility for declining investment, but it is working hard to attract and encourage investment companies to work in Iraq, but the political problems and unstable security situation prevented the advancement process investment in the country. The MP Abdulhussain Resan Husseini, suggested solving the national investment due to declining investment in the country, stressing that the Commission did not take its actual in attracting investors to invest in the various economic sectors.