CBI/Japanese Ambassador/ bilateral relations and ways of strengthening economic interests

Baghdad (newsletter) …Search the Deputy Prime Minister for services Affairs, Saleh Al-mutlaq, with Japanese Ambassador to Iraq masatota كاؤ Ka, bilateral relations and ways of strengthening joint economic interests.

According to a statement by the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister received (News Agency news) on Thursday that Iraq’s President called for the intensification of efforts between Iraqi and Japanese sides for cooperation in the fields of agriculture, industry, health and environment and other service areas.

It added: the algalnbine, discussed the political situation in the region and their implications for inside Iraq and that Iraqi parties agree to overcome problems and unite to build a secure, unified homeland.

The statement said: the Japanese Ambassador reiterated his country’s keenness to develop relations with Iraq showing confidence exceeded all crises and obstacles facing it, noting: the desire of Japanese companies on the development of economic activities in Iraq.