Council of Ministers will discuss the file of oil between Baghdad and Erbil

Said the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers that the next meeting of the Council of Ministers will witness relationship with the central government in Kurdistan province in regards to the area of the oil extracted.

The secretary general of the Council of Ministers on the Keywords that “The oil ministry has conducted follow-ups to deal with the Kurdistan region winning earlier in relation to production and export operations and contracts with corporations and other issues related to this subject.”

He Keywords that “the government was expecting that things are going according to what was agreed upon, but it was communicated to the Secretariat by the Ministry of Oil to stop the province implement this agreement, the ministry said data and figures relating to the issue of export and production in the province that stray too far from what is planned and expected what leaves a negative impact in terms of financial resources at the level of the state treasury and other on the basis of putting the plans and allocations and the issue was referred to the Committee on Energy to review the report prepared by the Ministry of Oil. “

He continued the secretary-general: “The Energy Commission, headed by Dr. Hussain al-Shahristani asked refer the issue to be referred to the Council of Ministers and will be done during the next meeting to discuss and identify mechanisms to work with the province on the basis of what will be issued by the Council of Ministers of the decisions,” stressing that “Energy Commission wanted to see the Council of Ministers the reality of the relationship on the oil with the region as stated in the report of the Ministry of Oil, the decision to deal with the province is up to the Council of Ministers, and that the possibility of deducting the amount of oil produced from the province’s budget choices that must be considered by the Council of Ministers. “

He stressed the need to address the outstanding problems with the province from its roots and not solutions anti must reach a conclusion that satisfies everyone because it is an important issue and a fundamental and must stand on the matter and must be the explanation and clarification by the province, as will listen to the views of the province of economic committee chairman Dr. Rose Nuri Shaways, and we will find the answer from him if he has clarified in relation to this matter.

He Keywords that “the solution with the region lies in a political solution, and since there are strained and problems in the general framework, these Vocabulary fall within this reality in the sense worsening more and hold more and use these details as part of it, hence the issue depends on the problem of origin.”