Barzani: civil war scenario very close today and that’s what I fear, because

Barzani: civil war scenario very close today and that’s what I fear, because he will succeed devastation of Iraq

Posted 17/01/2013 01:33 PM

Arbil – “arenas of Liberation”
The head of Kurdistan Region Masoud Barzani, that mentality resorting to the tank and the plane is still present when (Prime Minister Nuri) al-Maliki, refusing to see the military officers involved in the Anfal dressed Iraqi army once again, considering that the treatment of Iraqi army soldiers to the Kurds “bad.”

Barzani said in a statement posted on the Kurdistan Regional Government on the sidelines of a meeting media delegation of Kuwait, who is visiting the region, said that “mentality resorting to the tank and aircraft against the Iraqi people over the demise of Saddam Hussein’s regime, but still present when al-Maliki,” explaining “It is true we did not revenge Iraqi army officers who were involved in the Anfal operations, but do not accept to see these officers dressed in army before us again. ”

He Barzani that “the treatment of the Iraqi army soldiers Kurds mistreated,” noting that “after the fall of Saddam Hussein and resolve the Iraqi army refused to Shiites and Sunnis to join and form the Iraqi army Vqdinma them three brigades of the Peshmerga and established army, but now we are strangers in the Iraqi army.”
and expressed hope that does not shed a single drop of blood, “I do not hope to shed a single drop of blood, but if Maliki wants to rally his troops against us and in Kurdish areas outside the region, Snhacd our troops.”

Barzani added that “discussions and negotiations are still ongoing between the parties to resolve outstanding problems, and we hope to bypass all the obstacles.”

And Ray Barzani said “scenario civil war very close today,” believing that this fear because he succeeds devastation of Iraq, and added that “the Kurds want independence Kurdistan region but without spilling one drop of blood, but we want to be through dialogue.”

However, to say that “the worst possible situation is happening is an Iraqi civil war, and this scenario is approaching a lot today, and this is what I fear, too, as the successor to the destruction and devastation of Iraq.”