Intend to complete the final version of the budget before the end of the month

revealed Finance Committee prosecutors announced its intention to submit a final report to the draft general budget for the year 2013 to the Presidency of the Parliament before the end of the month.

said Committee member Rep. Najiba Najib told the “Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network”: “It will be raised report final draft budget of 2013 to the Presidency of the Parliament after studying the proposals and opinions of Representatives and is out of the question to the Finance Committee of the proposals from other committees and ministries and institutions, “pointing out that the committee has already started studying the proposals contained.

said Najib said,” What followed Committee is taking view of the Government, according to an order of the Federal Court determine the validity of the Council only Mounaqlh and customization and take the opinion of the government in a lot of issues, “indicating that” the opinion of the government was necessary and assist the Commission in adopting any decision to mature project.

“reported Committee member that of its pledges to the completion of the final report the draft budget as soon as possible and submit it to the Presidency of the Parliament, adding that it depends on the government’s response to the Committee’s request on some points and proposals, which has sent in 18 of last December.

said Najib said there is a tendency of most blocks to accelerate the adoption of the budget and not delay it affecting the lives and livelihood of citizens, adding that he did not specify a time limit for a vote, and that of its now considering proposals provinces.

also confirmed member of the Committee that its unanimous that is the final report before the end of the month, noting that the vote on the budget depends on whether the body Presidency of the Council of Representatives.