Iran was behind the assassination of MP Aifan al-Issawi

Abu Risha: Iran was behind the assassination of MP Aifan al-Issawi

Wednesday, January 16, 2013 17:25

Anbar / Baghdadiya News / .. The President of the Conference of the Iraqi Awakening, Sheikh Ahmed Abu Risha, Wednesday, Zlua Iran the assassination of MP Aifan al-Issawi called on security forces to uncover a murder-Issawi in detail and in public.
Said Abu Risha’s / Baghdadiya News / “Iran is involved the assassination of MP Aifan al-Issawi as he was one of the most prominent figures in Anbar tribal thought fought armed groups backed by Iran.”
He added that “al-Issawi enables him benevolent of people Anbar cleaning Ameriya south of Fallujah where they live from the pockets of al-Qaeda financed by Iran and some other countries, noting that” the process of pursuing national symbols that Garat armed groups backed by Iran and some other countries targeted are filtered under the guidance of Iran in an attempt to empty the arena of these characters to be an easy environment to ensure dissemination of ideas calling for tearing and unity between the sons of the same people. ”
He added that the “assassination operations carried out in some provinces where protests demanding change approach sectarian displays those who made it to the assassination attempt, including the killing of Sheikh Mohammed Taher al-housewife tribal Jabour with a number of other figures from the National threats and intimidation by armed groups working for Iran and some countries the other does not want to stabilizing the security situation in Iraq for political purposes has become known to the sons of the Iraqi people “./10 a