Divergence of views on the timing of the application of tariff law

BAGHDAD – morning initiated tariff law as a tool to reduce the phenomenon of dumping the commodity, and the protection of the national product and encouragement, but did not apply because the request Cabinet postponed, for non-completion of the necessary foundations for a successful application of the law and to create Msltzmat implemented, as the application of tariff law needs to stabilize, and to institutions strong executive can continue to work without compromising the lives of citizens also need to introduce technology electronic as a prohibited financial and administrative corruption at border crossing points

and was an economist Majid picture had said earlier: “The state budget does not need the funds to be provided by the customs tariff,” adding that “the protection of local industry is not raising prices of imported goods.” and warned the picture of “damaged consumer in the event of the application of the law”, following the “protection of the domestic product comes through the provision of appropriate conditions for the process of production.” and revealed new data prepared by the General Authority for Customs its revenues by imposing certain fees on goods over the last year exceeded 500 billion dinars, will rise to trillion and 200 billion dinars in the event of the application of the law of customs tariff frozen two years ago.

Meanwhile attributed a member of the Committee on the economy and investment MP Jassim Mohammed Hussein, the reasons for non-application of the tariff to The presence of hidden hands her personal benefits of non-application of the law and said Hussein in a press statement: Although the tariff law is one of the economic laws important in the country being supported by the local product, but it is still not enabled by the federal government for reasons and justifications illogical. added: The cabinet demanded postponement of the application of the law in the past year for the month and then for three months and then was scheduled implementation end of last June and also did not apply, and that is what indicates the presence of people and entities in the federal government taking advantage of the current economic situation, so they oppose its application. mentioned that tariff law has been enacted in the House of Representatives.’s cabinet has announced the patient application of tariff law until rehabilitation infrastructure outlets Altsidiriaoans tariff law passed by the House of Representatives to repeal the tariff number (77) for the year 1955.

was scheduled Login tariff law the new No. 22 for the year 2010 into effect in March 2011, but the escalation of prices in the local markets in conjunction with the political crisis in the country Ahala without it declared the Ministry of Finance for postponing action law tariffs until this year because of the absence of mechanisms of action and high commodity prices in the Iraqi market.