Economist: you must modify the article (28) of the Banking Act to promote investment in the banking sector

Baghdad (newsletter) … Economic expert Andrew sword, the importance of the amendment of article 28 of the General Banking Act to support investment in the Iraqi banking sector, calling for the need to strengthen relations with Arabic banks to promote the reality of local banks.

He said Andrew (News News Agency): that private banks could play a significant role in economic development through the creation of a fund to lend to private investment in the country, that have high potential werasmal help. He added: the Federal Government is required to support the banking sector in terms of amending laws particularly article 28 of the General Banking Act of direct investment for the banking sector to allow it to enter the investment sector to contribute to the development of the country’s economy.

He noted that an important Arab support to the banking sector through the promotion of cooperation among Iraqi banks and Lebanese Arabic, especially to open the msstendet appropriations to Lebanese banks have a great desire for cooperation with Iraqi banks.