Expectations of achieving Iraq reserves of 110 billion dollars

Expectations of achieving Iraq reserves of 110 billion dollars

Published 12/01/2013 07:05 AM

Babinaoz – Agencies: expect the Iraqi Central Bank Governor Abdul Basit Turki to achieve economic growth rates in the country within nine percent, coinciding with increased rates of oil production and exports, which rose late last year to around three million barrels per day, likely touching Iraq’s financial reserves of 110 billion dollars.

The assurances from the central bank to increase rates of economic growth in sync with what the Secretary-General of the Union of Arab Banks and Sam Fattouh, who praised the government’s measures adopted in the country and the efforts to bring about economic change commensurate with the possibilities of human and financial Iraq.

He Fattouh (Baghdad Economic Forum and banking), which opened yesterday under the auspices of the Prime Minister that the forum is held under conditions of Arab precision, and Central the Arab Spring مخاضات, warning that the economic situation will get worse in the coming periods result of the global economic crisis. Fattouh expressed readiness of Arab banking system to provide various kinds of support to Iraq in order to revive the investment situation, announced achieving rates of gross domestic product in the country $ 132 billion last year, expected to rise to the limits of $ 154 billion during the current year, noting that Statistics owned by the Union of Arab Banks expect to achieve Iraq’s high growth rates have not notified by any of the countries the world this year, pointing out that those Statistics approached the limits of 14.7 percent.