Iraq: the accumulation of problems and solutions paid to pretend … Kobler: the United Nations is concerned about the status of Iraq and must not be subjected to protesters

Baghdad (newsletter) … Search House speaker Osama Al-Iraqi official Baghdad Library, Thursday, with the representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations in Iraq, Martin Kobler, developments in the political landscape and the latest developments on the Iraqi scene and its impact on the overall democratic process in the country.

He said a statement by the President of the Chamber of Deputies received (News News Agency) a copy of it: Iraq’s President explained: the accumulated problems and the absence of effective solutions and deteriorating service and continuing violations of human rights is prompting many parts of Iraq to protest, hoping that the United Nations play an important and effective role in tackling the crisis.

It said: that was for Kobler concern the United Nations from the persistence of the crisis in Iraq, calling on the Government to move away from the use of violence against demonstrators with their demands should be considered and discussed in earnest and fruitful.

Kobler said: that of the right of people to protest and demand that the Government provide services and attention to human rights on the peaceful and positive framework, at the same time calling on political parties to adopt the language of dialogue to avoid crisis