Chairman of the Board of Supreme Audit may prove central bank governor

Member of the economy: Chairman of the Board of Supreme Audit may prove central bank governor

Date: 01/09/2013 08:20:26 Wednesday

Baghdad (news) .. Likely a member of the Committee on the economy and investment MP / coalition of Kurdish blocs / Jassim Mohammed Hussein, install Prime BSA Basset Turki governor to manage the central bank to the attributes of the experience financial and personal internationally acceptable.
said Hussein (of the Agency news): The idea of installing Prime BSA Financial Basset Turki, who runs the central bank is currently acting as governor permanent the central longer “good” and positive for the financial situation in the country. added: that the central bank needs to personal financial experienced significant Majali economic, financial and be a figure acceptable internationally and has informed and knowledge of what is happening in the situation international financial order to support the financial sector in the country and preserve the value of the Iraqi dinar against foreign currency. This was announced an official source within the central bank installed Basset Turki who is chairman of the BSA and the Governor of the Central Bank temporarily as governor is essential for managing the central bank and left the presidency office financial control. ‘s cabinet voted during its regular Tuesday (16 October 2012), the mandate of President BSA Abdul Basit Turki assume management position central bank governor and agency. quoted a number of media, in (14 October 2012), regulatory sources as saying that the Iraqi judiciary issued an arrest warrant for Bank Governor Sinan al-Shabibi and his deputy, the appearance of Mohammed Saleh on corruption charges, where the latter was arrested while Shabibi fled abroad. / end / 8. n. p /