Experts: import random baffle economy and drains hard currency

stressed by a number of economists and trade on the need to work towards stopping the supply of shoddy goods into the country, revealing the effects on the local economy and its role in the destruction of the hard currency of the country without achieving economic viability that must be met by import materials fit the value of the currency being spent for her.

Economic expert Mahdi Shammari stressed the need to work at the local Consumer Protection First of goods and the goods lacks international quality specifications, pointing out that the Iraqi market of interest to all international manufacturers of these various goods, which requires structured more accurate trade the reality of Iraq, where it took a commercial court policy provides goods bearing the finest quality specifications covering lifetime and free from manufacturing problems that lead to waste of money to no avail.

He added that the process of random import adversely affect the reality of hard currency, where goods are imported the poor lacks quality and specifications are consumed within a short period and are replaced with new ones of the same items and here is spend other money without interest and so they can be imported quantities New other amounts go abroad are Akiem new goods and thereby lose the local economy a lot of capital without interest, which requires a serious stand to keep the money local waste this way. Noted economic expert Jalil al-Rubaie, the need to strengthen the efforts of foreign companies viewfinder of the imported goods and work device standardization and quality control to prevent the entry of goods bad for the country. said in an interview: The Iraqi government bears the responsibility for flooding the market shoddy goods and non-conformity to international standards because of the absence of effective control and scrutiny of goods entering the country.

He must move towards the border crossing points through the strengthening of the efforts of the work of foreign companies contracted by the Ministry of Planning for the purpose of examining the goods, and promote the role of the standardization and quality control, which is done without the required level due to the spread of shoddy materials in the local market.