Economist: Deletion of zeros project should be expedited; Strengthens power of IQD and national economy

called economic expert peace Quraishi, to the need to apply the project to delete three zeros from the currency because it is in the service of the citizen and the national currency by reducing the masses of cash with groups large in the local market.

Quraishi said: The implementation of the project for restructuring the Iraqi currency after Delete the three zeroes which is necessary for it would serve the citizen and the national economy, considering that groups large will turn into a thousand small unit, which will facilitate transactions in the market and accounts for government departments.

said the government should support the national project because it will contribute to strengthening the power of the Iraqi dinar and the national economy, stressing the importance of expediting its implementation during the current year.

central bank is preparing for the implementation of the project to delete three zeros from the national currency after the completion of all procedures related to the project, but so far no date has been set for its application due to calls from some officials to postpone it.