MP for the Kurdistan Alliance Saman Fawzi it can not be for Iraq to be a rich country filled with riches and no where oil and gas law.

Fawzi said in a press statement on Sunday that “the cause of delay in approving the law of oil and gas and a lot of important laws that serve the Iraqi people due to the large differences that exist between the political blocs therefore can not be postponed to resolve this crisis again,”

he said, adding that “these problems accumulated return to not be solved in the past and thus accumulated and caused harm to the Iraqi people. ” He added that “six months ago were the demands of political blocs is to solve the crisis and before the year also there were problems in the political arena and important laws are not addressed, such as the National Council of the Supreme policies and security ministries and the National Council to monitor the barges and federal implementation of Article {140} of the Constitution as well as Law oil and gas. “

He said that “it was possible to solve these problems through consensus and instead solve these problems deported to the present time and thus accumulated and had a direct impact on the Iraqi people.” He Fawzi by saying, “We hope to solve these problems in a peaceful manner as provided Iraqi constitution to sit at the table of dialogue and understanding, because it contributes to solving a lot of problems and laws pending that serve the Iraqi people.”

It is said that a lot of important laws are still pending in parliament did not is rated as oil and gas law and the parties and the media and communications and municipal law and telecommunications law who passed it more than 7 years has not been prescribed until now because of political differences and incompatibility blocs among them. mentions that the oil ministry has to agree on a new formula for oil and gas law, was approved by the Council of Ministers who are converting to the House legislation was pending approval.