After continuous denials: Washington finally acknowledges actively thousands of Iranian agents

After continuous denials: Washington finally acknowledges actively thousands of Iranian agents in several regions of the world, including Iraq

Published 06/01/2013 11:05 AM

Washington – “arenas of Liberation”
Although activity leading to the Tehran regime and achieved outside influence prominent since the U.S. invasion of Iraq in 2003, where has put Washington Tehran’s allies from the forces and Iraqi parties to power, but the United States remained denies such influence so as not to seem accusation observers and countries and institutions strategy in the region have as Iraq was delivered on a platter of gold to Iran, so it does not seem that accusation is true.

And Washington finally acknowledged wide influence for Tehran in several areas, including Iraq. U.S. report sheds new light on this controversial subject. Has revealed that thirty is an element intelligence Iran has deployed by around the world in geographic scope extends from Iraq Lebanon down to Argentina this report revealed security U.S..
report was prepared by a number of U.S. intelligence agencies found that the Iranian Intelligence Ministry provide logistical and financial support to customers in the While overseeing the Iranian Revolutionary Guards on the field operations of the spies.
revelations report came in conjunction with confirmation, sources at the foreign and defense ministries Americas monitor Iranian activity increasingly inside Yemeni territory, but the sources refused to confirm or deny other information that Iran is trying to trend southward to transfer its battle with United States from Syria to Yemen after ascertain Tehran’s fall inevitable prospective for its ally in Damascus, Bashar Assad.
emphasis on alternative areas of Iran’s influence in the region if it ended ally ruling in Damascus mean necessarily focus on Iraq, where active institutions Iranian covert and overt in dozens of government agencies and private under the guise of civil society institutions intellectual and cultural, which would put the Maliki government under additional pressure, especially that it accused of widely inside and outside Iraq being loyal to Iran and allowed for Tehran to defend the Assad regime through movement of arms and equipment across Iraq.
noted that Iranian intelligence relied on Guard Revolutionary in the beginning more than its intelligence service in securing its national security before the birth of the Quds Force.
and return early the idea of forming Qods to the first year of the Iranian revolution, when he decided Khomeini impose his religious armed to the world.
and year after the outbreak of the Iran-Iraq war has been declared Quds as a subsidiary of the Revolutionary Guards of Iran to expand its functions to geographic Iranian interests in the region to include Lebanon and Afghanistan and Iraq, Egypt, Yemen, Bahrain and Kuwait.
transported reports Iraqi and Western wide that Corps Commander Jerusalem Qassem Soleimani enter more than once in determining the course of the political process in Iraq, one of insisted on taking Nuri Maliki, the Iraqi prime minister within a second term