Parliamentary Agriculture: Iraq needs more than $ 20 billion for the advancement of agricultural incident

Announced the parliamentary Committee on Agriculture, Iraq needs to over $ 20 billion dollars for the advancement of agricultural incident. A member of the Committee Kazem Bahadli in a press statement that “deliberate neglect by the former regime for the agricultural sector led to desertification of many Ground, and helped on the migration of more than 80 percent of the farmers, so it is very difficult to play the current government to improve the sector during the period of time specific. ”

He added that “financial allocations current to the agricultural sector is not sufficient, and we Bjajh to the amount of more than [20] billion dollars for the advancement of agriculture and fix all the land, “adding that” the law payment on credit deferred to a vote in Parliament had been allocated by the amount of $ 18 billion dollars for the advancement of agricultural reality. “

And agriculture in Iraq suffer from a significant decline compared for actual pre-2003, and was one of the most important reasons that contributed to this decline, subsidy cuts in funding and supplies, and the lack of a general plan of agricultural or organize discreet irrigation.

The Iraqi government launched, in August 2008, a comprehensive initiative to promote the agricultural sector in the country, and set a time limit duration of ten years to reach the stage of self- sufficiency of strategic crops.