Central Bank calls for banks to get the right to sell the U.S. dollar

Stressed the Central Bank of Iraq, Monday, he was in the process of opening the door to get the right to sell the dollar for all Iraqi banks.

The governor of the Central Bank and Abdul Basit Turki Agency for “obelisk”, “The bank has decided to open the door to all banks for window sell the currency from the beginning of next year.”

Turki added, “This decision will reduce the effort on the citizen to go to currency outlets will reduce the momentum would also bring the principle of justice for all private banks wishing to deal selling the currency to citizens.”

Turki pointed out that “the bank will receive applications from private banks as of next Wednesday.”

And regulates the Iraqi Central Bank auction of five meetings weekly from Sunday to Thursday for the sale and purchase of foreign currency, and receive a cash commission on the sale and transfers of about 13 dinars per dollar.