During the year (2017) .. Specialists: Iraq will result in (8) million barrels of oil a day and..

During the year (2017) .. Specialists: Iraq will result in (8) million barrels of oil a day and consumes two million barrels .. The only (6) million barrels

Date: 30/12/2012 12:47:29 Sunday

Baghdad (news) / report / Hussein Faleh / .. Despite what Iraq possessed of huge oil reserves, but it is still oil production is limited because of passed by the country of periods wars and the siege led to the destruction of its infrastructure in all economic sectors, especially the oil sector.
but after changing the political system in the country in (2003) and the openness Iraq towards the outside world and its aspirations towards increasing energies production and export of crude oil through the firing rounds special licenses to produce, develop and explore Iraqi oil fields. predicted a number of specialists in the field of oil during their talk (of the Agency news) occurred boom in oil production rates over the past five the next according to plan and the oil ministry strategy, and despite the different expectations, but probably indicates that the production rate would be between (7 – 8) million barrels of oil per day during the year (2017), to be influential force in global oil markets. member of the Oil and Energy Committee MP / block Change Kurdish / Bayazid Hassan, likely increasing the production capacity of crude oil during the year (2017) for up to (8) million barrels per day, noting that the country will consume up to two million barrels of oil domestically manufacturing industries and the balance is exported from abroad. Hassan said (of the Agency news ): Iraq could produce oil (12) million barrels / day, but would only produce (7 – 8) million barrels / day during the year (2017), to maintain a balance in supply and demand for oil in the world markets, according to estimates cited by International reports. added: that the oil ministry in connection with the establishment of four oil refineries by investing a (Kirkuk, Karbala, Nasiriyah and Maysan) in addition to existing refineries, in the hope that completed the establishment of such refineries during the year (2017). continued: So consumption capacity of crude oil will limits (1.5 – 2) million barrels of oil per day during that year for the remainder of the oil production limits (6) million barrels are exported to overseas. pointed to: that OPEC has committed its members from oil-producing countries to export a limited amount of oil, which amounts to almost (4) million barrels, but since Iraq over the conditions and wars since the eighties of the last century and so far and that made him able to export the specified quantity of its oil so it allowed Iraq to compensate that period export larger quantities. said: that increase the productive capacity of oil must accompanied by processes of modernization and rehabilitation of infrastructure and the creation of multiple ports to export oil absorb quantities added for export, pointing out that the absorptive capacity to export crude oil through port (Basra – Gulf) estimated (3 – 4) million barrels of oil a day, but now issued through it up (2 , 5) million barrels / day. noted Hassan: an intention by the Iraqi government to open the export outlets with Jordan to the port of Aqaba to reach the Mediterranean Sea, as well as to the port of Latakia in Syria, as well as having talks with Saudi Arabia to re-tube Iraqi Elmar across the territory Kingdom up to the Red Sea. has renewed Iraq confirmed that enhance oil production to reach five times during the next six years, in spite of skepticism that has already been demonstrated by the International Monetary Fund in this goal, said Hussain al-Shahristani, deputy prime minister for energy affairs, in seminar held in Baghdad: “The government is convinced seriously oil companies contracting for the implementation of contractual obligations full access to production 12.5 million barrels per day by 2017.” While considered a member of the Oil and Energy Committee MP / National Alliance / Susan Saad, said Iraq’s oil output will reach more than (8) million barrels per day by the year (2020), because of the plans set by the Oil Ministry to increase production. were international reports indicated that Iraq will be able to produce less than (8) million barrels of oil per day in (2020) and will occupy the world’s third largest after Saudi Arabia and Russia. said Saad (of the Agency news): The plan of the Ministry of oil include the establishment of infrastructure integrated Kalkhozanat and pipelines and ports export to accommodate the quantities produced and exported from crude oil, and now the ministry embarked on this plan with evidence that the production began to rise gradually in recent years years. said: that Iraq would be the main player and the power players in the world oil market and could fill any increasing demand in the world of oil because it will be able to produce more than (8) million barrels of oil per day by the year (2020) according to plan and the Oil Ministry to develop the fields and increase production . It said Oil Minister Abdul Karim and coffee in an earlier statement (of the Agency news): The rate of oil production will rise gradually over the coming years, as will production rate (2.9) million barrels per day in (2013) In (2014) will arrive to (3.7) million barrels per day, either year (2015) will reach (4) million barrels per day. added: while (2016) production will reach (5) million barrels per day either year (2017) will reach more than (6) million barrels of oil a day, indicating that the increase achieved in production will lead to increased state revenues exponentially, according to prices of international oil. Meanwhile noted oil expert Amr Hisham, the existence of the challenges facing the Iraqi oil sector, most notably the lack of reservoirs of oil and transportation lines of export made Taqtin production and export limited, stressing that Zaadthma need for infrastructure integrated. said Hesham (of the Agency news): The plan to increase Iraqi crude oil production is not a process of drilling oil wells and extraction, but you need to studied plans to find oil deposits large transmission lines and export outlets multiple, because implementing the northern and southern no Istoaban additional quantities of oil exported through them. mentioned that Iraq produced at present 3.2 million barrels of crude per day and exported approximately more than 2.5 million barrels per day. The size of Iraq’s oil reserves of crude According to officials in the Iraqi Oil Ministry 143.1 billion barrels, and gas 3.2 trillion cubic meters. / end / 8. j. n /