Barzani: It’s time to say enough is enough .. And Iraq is moving towards the abyss of dictatorship

03.20.2012| (Voice of Iraq) –

Arbil (news)warned President of Kurdistan region Masoud Barzani go Iraq toward the abyss because of the dominance, “a group” on the government in Baghdad, saying: How can it be a one person army of two and a leading five positions or more, referring to Nuri al-Maliki, the prime minister, announcing the break the alliance with a coalition of state law and retain allied himself with the rest of the components of the Shiite political.Barzani said in a speech on the occasion of celebration, Nowruz Tuesday evening: that Iraq is today a serious crisis and serious, and head towards the abyss if… the situation continues as it is, calling for: All political leaders in Baghdad for an urgent meeting to resolve the crisis according to what has been agreed upon.said Barzani: I would like to go back to the period of the agreements on the formation of the federal government, after that we agreed on everything, on which government was formed, but unfortunately then to deny a coalition of state law what has been agreed upon, and unique leader to power, to show “a handful” of people have monopolized power and build intellectual terrorism, where it is not possible that criticizes one or express his opinion and only suffered agitation and started Itahjmon unabated.announced Barzani: for continuing alliance with the Shiite forces except (a coalition of state law), and said: We reaffirm the commitment Bthalphena with our fellow Shiites, but not with this class that monopolized all aspects of power and Athsp to others of any account can not be an alliance with it, and I am sure that the Shiites are not satisfied with this situation by the Kurds, Sunnis, and that our alliance strategic, with the wise and the chest, they stood with us as we stood on their side.He expressed his surprise: From what he said an army two million led by one person, and has held numerous positions (Prime Minister, Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces, Minister of the Interior, and Minister of Defense, intelligence chief ) and most recently sent a book yesterday, Central Bank of Iraq to link the bank it.and the head of the province to: that the points that were agreed upon he breaks it (Maliki), The issue of Kirkuk and disputed areas, and reached the maximum flexibility, and we said we will abide by the Constitution, and indeed we did that, but Maliki did not abide by it, and continued, as he addressed the people of Kurdistan: You may say that the Kurdish leaders were too lazy or neglected issue, and yes all of this to what we agreed upon, but “Althelp” in Baghdad, set aside the agreements, while the second point, an issue of the Peshmerga forces and everyone knows the role of the Peshmerga Bndhalh against the former regime and help the Iraqis the elimination of terrorism, to steal its budget for four years, and today seeks no (Maliki) for the purchase of aircraft, f16, we do not know what to do with it?This is also illogical.said: that the third point and the task is the oil contracts, and according to the Federal Constitution confirms that the oil wealth belongs to the Iraqis, and indeed this is what must happen, it was agreed in 2007 on the draft law of oil and gas, and set the month of May deadline for sending to the Iraqi Council of Representatives, but it did not send repeated law, and when moving the Kurdistan oil contracts and legally, starting with the threats and pressures on companies in various ways, and said: Yes, they do not wish the development of the region economically and commercially?And wondered Barzani, the reasons for the insistence of the government in Baghdad to these threats to oil companies operating in the region.He stressed: that his alliance with the rest of the political components Shiite, to follow and supporters of al-Hakim and the al-Sadr, who Agafwamana, and defended the rights of the Shiites and the Shiite alliance remains, in light of that al-Maliki to create enemies new to the Shiites, and continued: here I would like to clarify something that the Iraq of Arabs and Kurds and Turkmen, Chaldeans, Shabak and Yezidi both by its size, and not one person who marginalized the Shia before marginalize the Sunnis and Kurds and others, However,: it not for the role of the Kurds of what has been the formation of the federal government, and yes it is time to say enough is enough, and there will be human for the Kurdish people at the right time, and Iraq in general.advised Barzani: political leaders to sit at the negotiating table as soon as possible and resolve the crisis according to what was agreed upon, the fact that Iraq heading towards the abyss, and dictatorship, but it’s time to say enough is enough that Iraq could move towards the abyss.and said: You must hold a meeting as soon as the political leadership and a shorter time to develop mechanisms and a timetable to resolve the crisis, and only then we will resort to our people as they decide to self-determination.