Highlighted the Committee’s observations on economic Budgeting 2013

BAGHDAD / JD / .. revealed the Economic and investment for most observations on Budgeting Federal public in 2013, including the failure to determine the scope of exchange institutions for amounts allocated to them.

said committee member Iraqi List MP Qusay Ebadi’s / JD /: The general budget when I arrived Parliament I was supposed to be a translation of a government policy but were not, were distributed rate increase oil evenly on all sectors, not to serve a particular sector or another.

noted that going forward made by the Council of Ministers without accompanied study strategy, considering that the provision of going forward without this The study does not serve a particular purpose.

said Ebadi: as well as the positive that comes with going forward means the scope and spending funds ministries and institutions, Mstvhma: We want to know where will be spent institutions allocations and how?. said, it is supposed to provide the BSA report with going forward, but did not come.

between Ebadi observations of the Committee on industry, saying: The goal of the budget is the rehabilitation of laboratories and public companies affiliated to the Ministry of Industry and Minerals, Mtdarka, but that these labs 8 years ago and so far it have the amounts did not develop and work remains the same.

added , we know that the state is heading towards the open market would lead to it will cut corporate and resort investment, the Committee want to know Magdoy allocation amounts to companies industry and laboratories as long as directed government this?!.

and continued a member of the Economic Commission parliamentary deputy for the Iraqi List, as well as the health sector has been monitoring 4% of its budgetary sphere has not changed him something to it. last month, announced government spokesman Ali al-Dabbagh that the Council of Ministers decided at its forty-sixth regular and held yesterday Tuesday 23 October 2012, approved a draft law the federal budget for 2013 amount (138) trillion dinars, an increase of 18% from last year.

Dabbagh said that the total federal income amounted to (119.3) trillion dinars were the result of calculating the revenues from export of crude oil at an average price (90) dollars per barrel and export capacity of up to (2.9 ) million barrels per day, including the quantity produced and exported from the territory of Kurdistan and the (250) thousand barrels per day, where will oil revenues this Development Fund for Iraq after deducting (5)% for war reparations Kuwait has reached the investment budget (55) trillion dinars and the operating budget (83 ) trillion dinars distributed to institutions, ministries and state bodies all will be distribution of public expenditure according to the rates of population after excluding allocations center of the Federal Ministry and sovereign expenditure as shown in the following table:

1 Security and Defense 19.86 trillion 14.37 2 Education 12.71 trillion 9.2 3 Power 29.45 trillion 21.31 4 Environment and Health 6.82 trillion 4.94 5 Services Social 17.7 trillion 12.81 6 water, sewage and sanitation 4.2 trillion 3.04 7 Transport and Communications 1.82 trillion 1.32 8 agricultural sector 2.68 trillion 1.94 9 industrial sector 1.71 trillion 1.24 10 construction and housing 1.57 trillion 1.14 11 Culture, Youth and clubs and federations 2.22 1.61 trillion 12 Obligations of international debt and 10.3 trillion 7.45 13 central public administrations and local 12.76 trillion 9.24