The project to delete the zeros .. And will be implemented through the year (2014)

Member of the Finance Committee: the current crisis, the central bank does not affect the project to delete the zeros .. And will be implemented through the year (2014)

Date: 28/11/2012 08:22:38 Wednesday

Baghdad (news) .. Ruled out by the Finance Committee MP / National Alliance / Amin Hadi Abbas, the impact of the crisis the central bank the current project to delete the three zeroes from the national currency, stressing implementation exists and will probably be during the year (2014).
Abbas said (of the Agency news): The device Bank Central large and complex, as it contains multiple partitions and a large number of financial experts and economists, so the projects strategy is not linked to a particular person in the bank (governor). added: that the draft reform of the national currency when deleting the three zeroes which is based will not be affected sack central bank governor because strategic project matter general of the Iraqi people and the national economy. and likely Abbas: implementation of the project during the year (2014) as the central bank said no intention to implement the project to delete the zeros in (2013), calling for the nomination of a personal professional with news high financial management central bank to maintain stabilize the value of the Iraqi dinar, and the balance of foreign currency sovereign. / end / 8. n. p /