Jihad: No investment economic vision in the general budget for the next year

Ambassador News Agency – 11/27/2012

Male Kurdistan Alliance MP Hassan Jihad Secretary that the general budget for the next year purely financial and devoid of economic vision investment.

He said: “The economy specialists contend that there is no economic vision investment in the general budget for the next year it does not include a precise vision for the development of the economy and industry.”

The secretary pointed out that “this purely financial budget although there is a positive increase investment budget allocations for the previous year.”

He said “There are several observations on the budget through what has been a touch of the current year’s budget has been voted on allocations of the Peshmerga forces is that he did not execute anything of it and even students allocations have been voted upon and could not be implemented.”

The secretary pointed out that “Peshmerga allocations were sent to the same expressions which indicate that it is disbursed after the agreement between the Kurdistan region and the center’s rubber has not carried out phrases I do not know whether to be implemented and how they implemented?, And this is one of the problems in the budget.”

He continued that “the most important observations in terms of budget concentrated on oil allocations and the Peshmerga and will have a speech during the debate in the House of Representatives.”

And was a member of the Finance Committee in the House of Representatives Faleh force pointed out that “the views and observations of the House of Representatives and the relevant committees and the blocks on the budget has more than 200 Note.”

The House of Representatives ended at its thirty-second first reading of the federal budget law and will see future meetings the second reading of the draft that would be subject to debate in two of every week to meet the Council until voted on and committees of the Council, in cooperation with the government will have a say in the budget