Kurdistan asking for “modified” or change Maliki

A source parliamentary Kurdish yesterday that many of the leaders of the National Alliance feel very concerned about the way the Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki in the management of the country, and that this concern extended to “narrow circle” surrounding it, citing Deputy Prime Minister for Energy Affairs Hussain al-Shahristani said he told more than party that he has “concerns” about the current method of decision-making and uniqueness determine the fate of many of the big issues.

In the same vein source revealed that the Kurdistan Alliance is moving to launch a broad dialogue with the National Alliance in the coming days, to review national relations and the crisis of Tuz, noting that the Kurdish leaders would ask the bloc to which he belongs, Prime Minister “Modify policies Maliki or provide another candidate alternative him. “

The source pointed out in an interview for the “long” on condition of anonymity, that the Kurdish leaders feel that the continued Maliki to pursue a policy hasty decisions were not consulted national forces in how to resolve disputes with all partners not the Kurds alone, “will lead the country to turn serious dire consequences” , indicating that the Kurdish parties intend to launch a broad dialogue and serious dialogue with all Iraqi forces and in particular with the mass of the National Alliance, which belongs to the Prime Minister “to determine the legal mechanisms and parliamentary and consensual, rein-Maliki and modify its policies, or to resort Alliance bloc Her prime minister, to an alternative from among their ranks. “

The source expressed his conviction that many of the leaders of the National Alliance “worried how doing things, especially after moving the tank towards Kirkuk without consulting the rest of the forces and without invitation to dialogue or mechanism reasonable to resolve the political dispute”, and stressed that this discontent and anxiety “is beginning to embrace allies Maliki close to him, such as Hussein al-Shahristani. “ “I’ve talked Shahristani to more than Iraqi party feared way Maliki to resolve the crucial decisions, and said he feared the emergence of a dictator again if the parliament is unable to restrict his powers and review the performance of the government”, which means in the eyes of the source that the political climate ripe for extremely to ” a task for each review what happened, to prevent the country from falling into the abyss of new conflicts. “