Annual Arab Banking Conference in Lebanon regaining the participation of Iraq

Share Iraq’s ambassador Omar Barzanji in the opening Annual Arab Banking Conference for 2012 organized by the Union of Arab Banks, under the title (economic stability in the phase uncertainty).,

Which was held recently at the Phoenicia Hotel / Beirut, where he opened the conference under the patronage of Lebanese Prime Minister Najib Mikati. Also attended a number of ministers Lebanese, Arab and personalities banking and financial highlights. Chairman of Arab Banks Ahmed Yousef said, that the impact of events and revolutions and unrest on the economic growth of the Arab region as a whole.

Gave President Union of Arab Banks and the President of the International Federation of Bankers Dr. Joseph Tarabay speech entitled « economic stability in the phase of uncertainty in light of local and regional conditions extremely delicate and dangerous. turn gave the Governor of the Bank of Lebanon Riad Salameh word which causes concern for the future economic and financial world.

Also delivered Lebanese Prime Minister Najib Mikati closing speech which said: «The advantage of Lebanon was and still in its specificity and unique ability to raise brothers and friends no matter how heated by adversity, and our meeting today is your trust in this country, and Qnaatkm turn and potential as a platform mainly to discuss our issues of the Arab Economic, and points convergence business leaders, businessmen and decision-makers to consolidate the joint Arab action, through a wide area of freedom and atmosphere very diversity and openness.

conference concluded with recommendations most important was to urge governments «to achieve political stability because of its implications on the economic stability and investment climates, and the adoption of mechanisms including» shift towards a greater role for the middle class, which contributes to open new prospects for growth in the event was the development of promising economic sectors that will provide sufficient employment opportunities for millions of young people entering the labor market annually.