Sources (UR): Maliki gives Ali al-Dabbagh week to resign

Sources (UR): Maliki gives Ali al-Dabbagh week to resign

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Baghdad / Orr News

I learned Agency (UR) from sources close to the prime minister that Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki gave government spokesman Ali al-Dabbagh Ahaddas week to resign, or face dismissal from the al-Maliki’s decision. Said sources close to Maliki’s decision came against the backdrop of information which was nominated for Russian arms deal controversial, which was marred by a major corruption operations.

While I spoke parliamentary sources familiar with what it described as resolutely Prime Minister to isolate spokesman from office after suspicions of corruption, which affected armament contracts, Government spokesman Ali al-Dabbagh reports about the intention of al-Maliki sacked from office because of his alleged involvement in the arms deal Russia recently concluded that marred of corruption as large as rumored, said in a press statement that this news comes as part of a malicious campaign purpose of personal and political target to cover up the bodies and the persons involved in this deal.

Dabbagh said that “News sack me malicious and untrue, and the intervention in the door of targeting personal and political,” noting that he knows “intentions behind it from some quarters in the promotion so tendentious allegations.” Dabbagh said that “This campaign led by the big parties and regional intelligence by focusing on one person to forget the whole issue,” pointing to “the existence of direct media against me to cover all persons and entities involved in this deal.” And those who target Dabbagh said “there are people محددون of them working in the Iraqi state and another outside.”

While preempt Dabbagh Thmat corruption himself, saying “nothing to do with me committees negotiating either closely or from afar,” referring to the committees that negotiated in Russia on arms, said a coalition of state law, led by Prime Minister that “Maliki has insisted on accountability and sack all those involved issues corruption in the case of Russian arms deal. ”

A member of the Coalition Abdul Mahdi al-Khafaji, said “there is insistence of everyone, including the Prime Minister to detect those involved and see how health information that indicate the presence of corruption in the arms deal Russia,” noting that investigations are underway in this regard will be revealed the parties involved. ”

The period from April until the end of August 2012 several visits to Russia carried out by delegations Iraqi military headed by Acting Minister of Defense Agency Saadoun al-Dulaimi, where known members of the delegation on the Russian military equipment modern and discussed business presentations for supply to Iraq with representatives Foundation “Ross Aboron Eixport” and signed a number of contracts with a total value exceeding $ 4.2 billion.