Banker: the need to develop (telephone banks) to facilitate the work of the banking

Baghdad (news) .. Called banking expert Mohsen Ali, the need to develop a way (banks telephone) to facilitate banking transactions, stressing the importance of developing awareness programs banking by monetary policy to the citizen for his guidance in how to deal with techniques banking business.

said Ali (Agency news) on Friday : The Iraqi banks today two branches of public and private face difficulties in how to deal with citizens being unaware of a lot of things that pertain to banking Kalscoc savings and withdraw money, etc., as a result of lack of awareness banking in Iraq. added: monetary policy that takes its role in the development of the banking system through the use of modern technologies as a way banks telephone banking transactions and help to raise awareness and banking culture to the citizen through his dealings modern technologies to facilitate dealings bank and completed as soon as possible.

mentioned that the deputy governor of the Iraqi Central Bank revealed earlier (the news) about the existence of a study of the use of new technologies called b “banks telephone” in banking transactions, which means that the process of converting the bank account is through a mobile device “mobile” to facilitate a lot of transactions between banks and the public.

stressed: that (80%) of the citizens are not dealing with banks in the process of farewell and convert their accounts, but there are (80%) of the citizens have a mobile, so this technique was developed by Mobile