A political deal behind hide the names of those involved the issue of central bank

Kazem Sayadi: a political deal behind hide the names of those involved the issue of central bank

13/11/2012 11:17:24

BAGHDAD (Iba) .. Denied MP for the Iraqi National Alliance that may be within a margin Monday issued a statement any names, stressing that the authorities did not cooperate in the investigative side to clarify the names involved in the case of the central bank, and likely a political deal behind it.

Said Sayadi told the independent press (Iba) authorities investigative did not cooperate with us with respect to give us names and I think that in itself a betrayal of the Iraqi people, where we find in all countries of the world when it formed bodies investigative and oversight they’re advertising for corrupted files and detection of those involved.

He declined to be this other file names added to the files of corruption because it makes them vulnerable to blackmail, adding that the coming period will witness pressure on the blocks to which he belongs involved in order to vote on some of the laws.

He noted that the Presidency’s decision to form a new committee to investigate is itself collusion with corrupt files and start to cover up the names in the executive and legislative branches, and expressed his belief that there is a very big political deal and damaged public money and the Iraqi people.

He stressed that the names mentioned in the investigation will be covered up and not disclosed, and falling blame on simple people are implementing a large capital and big mafias corruption in Iraq.

And called on the Presidency to the first adoption of the Committee’s procedures and claim to disclose the names that reached in order to make way for them to defend themselves, but must go immediately to the judiciary to take its course.

Sayadi renewed its demand to disclose the names of those involved and raise their immunity that they were in the House of Representatives or to terminate their services if they are in the government, to be sent back to their positions that proved their innocence.

He stressed that he did not ensure his state names, considering what was published leaked and exploitation of these things, explaining that he had asked the Integrity Commission and the supervisors of the investigation can examine Representatives on the names, but it seems unfortunately that the file was closed also closed files previous political deal between the large blocs.

The some of the media have deliberated on Monday issued a statement attributed to the office of Sayadi which he referred to the involvement of a number of names task in the House the issue of corruption in the Central Bank, including (Talal Zobaie and Bahaa al-Araji and Maha league and Jawad Alshahyla and Uday Awad). (End)