Member of the Finance Committee excludes retrieve the general budget to the government ..

Baghdad (news) .. Exclude a member of the Finance Committee MP / coalition in Iraq / Hassan Salman al-Bayati, retrieval budget year (2013) to the government under the pretext of freedom from the final accounts of the past years, likely approval prior to the date (31/12/2012).

Bayati said (of the Agency news) on Tuesday: The House of Representatives completely during its next to discuss the budget was postponed Read all legal projects to be discussed during these days in order to vote on the budget in (2013) early in order to be practical exchange money at the beginning of the year next.

He added: that the past years, which was recovered by the general budget of the House of Representatives to the government because they contain errors of law while the budget next year without it, and that was where the mistakes are few that can be modified by the Finance Committee in the House of Representatives, stressing that the Council will begin its first reading of the budget in the coming days.

He pointed out: that intercept some lawmakers on the state budget being not contain any final accounts for the previous years, indicating that the parliamentary Finance Committee sent a formal letter to the government demanding sending the final accounts of the event is completed.

The number of Representatives has rejected the budget in 2013 because they are free of the final accounts and confirmed that they would refrain from voting and return to the federal government.