The disappearance of files CBI transactions and 6 deputies involved scandal

As said independent MP Kazem Sayadi that the results of the investigation in the work of the Iraqi Central Bank implicated six MPs from the Liberal bloc and the Iraqi List in corruption, including the head of the Integrity Committee parliamentary Bahaa al-Araji, revealed a senior political source for the disappearance of files and documents many related transactions the central bank and banks, pointing out that the files expose irregularities and financial corruption and abuse of funds deposited and transfers.

The source, who requested anonymity, that there is a political entity acquired those files, indicating that it is working on a blackmail some bank officials to get money for destroying those files.

He stressed that some of those involved with those issues, government officials, he said.

Said Sayadi that “the duty which falls on the members of the House of Representatives is to protect the citizen and the representation is not stolen and used in order to reach purposes own.

Added that “the findings of her committee responsible for monitoring the work of the Central Bank indicated that there is corruption in the sale of currency difficult and insider.”

The Sayadi that “results also indicated a relationship central bank with a number of MPs, including: (Jawad Alshahyla” Liberal bloc “, Talal Zobaie” Iraq, “Bahaa al-Araji,” Chairman of the Integrity Commission, the parliamentary head and block the Liberals in Parliament, “Jamal Karbouli” Iraqi”, Uday Awad “Liberal bloc”, Maha league “Liberal bloc”), those involved with private banks and banking offices and remittances fake to import materials and articles, business and industrial, as well as the lack of clarity mechanisms scrutiny in money laundering operations the central bank and private banks.”

He noted that Parliament “finished the investigation on central bank policy and activities since 2003 until now. And pointed out that” involved the issue of central bank took advantage of the issue of ration card and deal armament contracts for tattoo and lamenting the capabilities of the Iraqi people, to draw attention away from what they have done from theft of public money.”