Oil: Exxon Mobil did not inform us to sell its stake and demand its withdrawal

Oil: Exxon Mobil did not inform us to sell its stake and demand its withdrawal

Saturday November 10, 2012

BAGHDAD – babysit – The Ministry of Oil, it has not received any communication from the oil company Exxon Mobil to sell its stake to a field West Qurna-1, adding that the ministry has many alternatives to develop the field of national effort.
The Director General of the Department contracts and licenses oil ministry Abdul Mahdi al-Amidi in a press statement that “the ministry did not receive yet any message from Exxon Mobil, to clarify its intention to withdraw from the West Qurna field,” and expressed hope that “withdraw these companies from their contracts with the Ministry of Oil. ”

Amidi stressed “oblige companies that have signed contracts with Iraq’s Kurdistan need to withdraw from the contracts signed with them,” adding that “a binding resolution, requested the ministry of these companies.”

He Amidi that “the withdrawal of any of these companies from contracts signed with them on the development of some oil fields within the licensing rounds will affects them, and will not stop with the development of these fields,” adding that “the ministry is able and has many alternatives to continue the development of this field, both national effort, through the South Oil Company, or by qualified oil companies by the ministry, which buys or get a share of ExxonMobil. ”

And revealed the Russian company Lukoil, on Saturday, that they would consider an offer from ExxonMobil about buying its stake in the West Qurna -1 … p / i